p.o.bOX 45142, bATON rOUGE, la 70895-4142
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Our Board Meetings are not closed, however we meet in a very small room at STM and there is not a lot of extra room for guests. If you would please allow us some lead time that you wish to be added to our agenda, we can make plans to give you some time to present your information to the Board of Directors. We ask that you give us four or five days notice to allow for scheduling you on our agenda and reservation of a room with the church allowing enough space for us all to fit comfortably.

Richard Empson, President SFCA

Mission Statement

The Sherwood Forest Citizens' Association is a non profit corporation formed to unite interested residents in promoting the welfare, attractiveness, and livability of the Sherwood Forest area. This organization gathers and transmits information to the members, provides security enhancement, and supports beautification of both public and private areas within the subdivision. The association also works to assist its members and to influence government agencies for the health of our neighborhood.


Membership in the association is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, because our membership strength enables us to be effective in providing services. If you are currently a member, thank you for your support. If you are a resident of Sherwood Forest and not presently a member of SFCA, we urge you to join with your neighbors.