Sherwood Forest Citizens' Association
Sherwood Forest Subdivision is a "Non-Solicitation" Subdivision
P.O. Box 45142
Baton Rouge, LA 70895-4142
(225) 273-1353

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2016 Board of Directors


President: Richard Empson ( )
Vice President: James Gray (
Treasurer: Ralph Dupuy
Secretary: Emmeline Ross (


Ralph Dupuy
Marcia Empson
Richard Empson
Jackie Gray
James Gray
Mary Heuchert
Gary Smith
Emmeline Ross


Architectural Control: SFCA Board 272-2372 ( or
273-2930 (
Beautification: Jackie Gray and Emmeline Ross
Eyewatch: Marcia and Richard Empson
Federation: Richard Empson and James Gray
Hospitality: Mary Heuchert
Membership: James Gray
Newsletter: Jackie Gray and Patty Domingue
Public Works: Jackie Gray, Gary Smith and Emmeline Ross
Security: Gary Smith