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  PRESIDENT                        VICE PRESIDENT                              TREASURER                               SECRETARY
   Debra Simino                                   Teresa Haralson                                              James Gray                                        Sue Larisey


James Gray

Jackie Gray

Thomas Balhoff


Teresa Haralson

Sue Larisey

Anna Magazine

Debra Simino

Gary Smith

Will Galloway

SFCA Board of Directors meetings are at 6pm on the third Monday of each month, except October and December. Notify us HERE four days in advance of the meeting if you would like to present an item.


Architectural Control

The purchase of a home is so exciting, but homeowners often don't realize that their home is subject to deed restrictions. Homes in Sherwood Forest are under deed restrictions according to filing. You can find your deed restrictions here. The deed restrictions are to ensure that changes to the home, property, and accessory buildings are in harmony with the homes in that filing. In accordance, the erection of sheds, buildings, and improvements to the home must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee of Sherwood Forest Citizens Association BEFORE your start the project. The cost to remove or change un-approved construction can be significant. Contact the city-parish permit office and the SFCA BEFORE beginning any construction and save everyone a lot of heartache, time, and money. Contact James Gray for more information.

Committee Contact: JAMES GRAY


The Hospitality Committee is responsible for delivering welcome packets to new residents of Sherwood Forest subdivision. The packet contains information regarding city codes, deed restrictions, contact information for the SFCA board, as well as information pertaining to recycling, landscaping, etc. It is important to take the time to read through the information. We want Sherwood Forest subdivision to remain a beautiful place for families to live, play, and grow in a safe and healthy enviroment. If you enjoy meeting new neighbors and want to be part of the Hospitality Committee, let us know HERE. If you did not receive a packet or would like to receive a new one, please contact me at this LINK.

Committee Contact: SUE LARISEY


Do you want to help us keep your neighborhood secure? The Sherwood Forest neighborhood Eye-Watch program is a group of neighbors dedicated to helping maintain safety and security in our neighborhood. Presently, we have over 75 SFCA Block Captains. They volunteer a year at a time for their street/area and must be a paying member of the association.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us HERE for more information.

Committee Contact: TERESA HARALSON


Go to this LINK for more information on joining the Sherwood Forest Citizens Association.

Committee Contact: JAMES GRAY


This committee oversees beautifying common grounds. Contact us through the contact us page HERE.

Committee Contact: JACKIE GRAY


Contact us HERE.

Committee Contact: GARY SMITH

Legal Advisor

Contact us HERE.

Committee Contact: THOMAS BALHOFF

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Association

Committee Contact: DEBRA SIMINO